【Seasonally Added Yuntō course】 (All you can drink at + 1800 yen)

【Seasonally Added Yuntō course】 (All you can drink at + 1800 yen)

4000 yen

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Compatibility of premium duck and raised soy sauce of old-fashioned soba shop, which was raised in Zao, is outstanding.Tighten your soba with remaining taste with delicious taste of duck udon! We also have plenty of vegetables.Please enjoy 3 appetizers serving soba noodles as well.It is excellent compatibility with sake (name sake).


Foreclosure: boiled in season

Appetizer: 3 appetizers served (Hida Yuba, Wasabi, Buckwheat Miso)

Bowl object: Buckwheat and Kyoto ginseng buckwheat juice sauce

Pottery: Dashi rolls egg

Nabe: Bamboo charcoal duck pot raised in Zao

Soba: Twenty eight buckwheat

Dessert: homemade almond

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 17:00

2018/01/09 update